Homestyle BBQs, Breakfast and Private Chef Service

Who I am

Hi Ibiza Lovers,


I am Linda from Berlin and I´m working in Ibiza since 2012. My goal is to make delicious and memorable meals and refreshing beverages for you and your guests. I provide 15 years experience in the hospitality industry, including VIP Villas, hotels, a cruise ship and 2 years as a Flight attendant, to assure a relaxed  and healthy holidays for you.


What I do

My passion for food and especially BBQs and the love I put in your meal is a thing you can taste. But even more important is the quality of meats and vegetables! Seasonal and local is as standard and I always try to find the right balance between healthy and finger- lickin´good. Everything can be planned according to your taste. 


If you have questions, wishes or would like to order, please contact me:



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