15. Februar 2019
Healthy fingerfood buffet catering for a baby party!
24. Januar 2019
New Season, New Team, New Logo!
15. Januar 2019
Last weekend I went to Amsterdam for a girls weekend. As my friends are vegetarian or vegan I had the chance to explore this, for me a little uncommon as I usually search for bbq spots, side of the city. I really loved the "Vegan Junk food bar"- the food was amazing and the decoration and vibe of the place adorable.
08. Januar 2019
Happy new year, dear friends! I hope you enjoyed the festive last weeks as much as I did. After working in Germany for 5 weeks, it feels great to be back on the island and prepare the upcoming season. I´m working on some wonderful ideas and I´m proud to announce that we´ll get a little bigger this year- detailed info and updates are coming soon! Enjoy the quiet and productive energy in Ibiza, if you are lucky enough to be here in January, you are lucky enough ;) To the rest: Keep going,...